Meet Skynest by FLOS

A combination of formal elegance and technical innovation, Skynest features an innovative LED strip, woven with a textile tube to create a basket-like form that is crafted yet sophisticated.

Skynest is composed of 24 LED light sticks covered with a two-tone textile texture. The light is emitted from one side only, the white one, while the colour of the fabric remains visible on the outside. The intersection of the various light elements with 48 other coloured rods on both sides gives life to the lamp: an ethereal, very light presence, clearly inspired by the world of craftsmanship yet unexpectedly technological.

This fixture is made from recycled and fully recyclable PL. Each element is held in place by special micro connectors. No glue is used to assemble the different parts. The entire lamp can be easily disassembled for repairs and replacements.

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Skynest Suspension

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