Introducing MIFOR from KLUŚ

MIFOR-70 is a system that allows you to easily build irregular lighting fixtures of almost any shape, including open, closed and openwork. The lighting fixtures can take the form of circles, “soft” arcs transforming into the shape of a luminous line or plane.

MIFOR-70 can flexibly adapt to the design concept. The system does not only enable creating “soft” forms but also connecting the fixtures into strings and multiplying shapes. This allows you to create effective, polygonal, especially bent, “undulating” light compositions. MIFOR-70 fixtures are intended to be suspended on wires to the ceiling.

For architects, the main attraction of the MIFOR system is undoubtedly not being limited to specific, standard lighting fixtures available on the market. The possibilities offered by the MIFOR-70 system encourage unconventional creation, and even provoke to design architecture in parallel with lighting, already at the concept stage. Such an “open” approach will certainly enrich the design with new means of expression.

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