Flip the Switch – UBC Robson Square

International Lighting Designer Johan Moritz in Vancouver April 11th
Keynote: “Lighting a City with Global Perspective”
UBC Robson Square – 5:30pm

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About the Speaker

Johan Moritz has the distinction of being the world’s first lighting designer to be hired by a city. An international presenter, Johan will speak about both his work at the City of Malmö and the Lighting Metropolis Project: a 7-million € project that ran between 2015-2018, and its evolution into 2019. He will share complexities of work done by lighting designers in close collaboration with designers, urban planners, architects, landscape architects and the public, as well as the complicated process of design and intention as it relates to codes and procurement. The Lighting Metropolis innovated new ways of creating better illuminated experiences in the built environment while serving as a responsible “buyer” as it relates to the environment, production, recycling and re-use. Johan will demonstrate that having a designer in charge drives development, reduces costs and energy, increases quality, and delivers what end-users need most: good lighting for healthier human experiences.