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Webinar: New Metrics, Technologies and Trends in Lighting

March 30, 2017 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Stay ahead of the curve! The lighting industry has experienced rapid and significant change in recent years, impacting how light is delivered, measured and applied. Integrating with the built-environment, today’s luminaires not only generate light, but can also operate as beacons for autonomous spaces. How does one keep up with the constant change in Lighting? Attend this webinar to learn how global trends translate into new methods for designing and specifying luminaires and layouts. Four major trends will be discussed, including: new lighting metrics, smart technology, energy efficiency standards, and green rating systems.

Learning Objectives:

New Lighting Metrics. Identify the new metric (TM-30) for evaluating source color rendition consisting of Fidelity, Gamut and Color Vector Graphic. Understand why traditional lighting metrics such as cutoff classification and color rendering (CRI) are becoming less relevant due to technological advances in lamps.
Technology Trends. Recognize that luminaires have evolved to become technology products capable of an array of functions, including dynamically changing light color temperatures and lighting controls, and how this can benefit occupants. Identify new applications, industries and opportunities resulting from advancements in LED technology.
Energy Standards. Recognize that governments are implementing greater regulations towards energy efficiency, and enforcing standards on both commercial renovations and new construction. Understand that lighting for projects regulated in accordance with building codes must be designed in compliance with ASHRAE or NECB, and how this affects the project schedule.
Rating Systems. Recognize that climate change concerns have spurred the growth of green building rating programs. Understand that projects targeting LEED, WELL, Green Globes, Living Building Challenge, and BOMA Best each have their own lighting design requirements for certification.


As lighting designers within the commercial building industry, Sunny Ghataurah and his firm AES Engineering have accumulated industry insights byworking collaboratively with lighting manufacturers, the A&D community, developers and governments. They provide an independent perspective as they balance form, function, cost, and sustainability on lighting projects. Sunny’s skills in designing electrical and architectural lighting systems have been applied to hundreds of buildings across the healthcare, education, hospitality, recreational, retail, and corporate office sectors. His projects have won awards, most recently a 2016 Special Citation and a 2015 Award of Excellence for Interior Lighting Design from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. His portfolio includes more than 100 LEED projects, 3 Living Buildings and several regenerative projects.