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TEALEAVES #ColorInSight Documentary Screening & Panel Discussion on Color

May 8, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Color is ubiquitous in the human experience. For companies, color has long been a tool that the most memorable brands use to assert their identity. However, in a world where attention spans have plummeted, color has become an industry-agnostic tool that only the best brands wield to capture their audience’s attention.

By sharing the experience of experts across a wide variety of domains, this panel will explore how brands across industries can harness the power of color and how color strategy can have a large impact on the perception of products and services enjoyed by many. Watch the teaser.

About TEALEAVES’ #ColorInSight Documentary:

Color In Sight brings together 11 experts of industry, gathered around one powerful, little detail: color. We explore how top brands—Pantone, Herman Miller, OPI nail lacquer, Nike, EnChroma corrective lenses for the colorblind, Cornell Food and Brand Lab, Kidrobot, Brown University Visual Perception and Cognition Lab, UBC, a 2-Star Michelin chef, and TEALEAVES—think about and use color in the most effective and compelling way. By hearing their own experiences, the goal is to bring about an appreciation for the detail of color selection and how it can have a large impact on the perception of products and services enjoyed by many.

Why color? In luxury, it’s the details that matter. TEALEAVES blends teas specifically for color, alongside aroma and taste, with understanding that “the first taste is with the eyes”. We documented the journey to share with you, with the belief that the best condiment to any cup of tea is wisdom to share and a great story to tell.

Event Specifics:

Doors Open 7:00pm
Event Starts: 7:30pm ends at 9:00pm
All ticket proceeds go toward Vancouver Design Festival



Lana Sutherland – CEO, TEALEAVES

Lana Sutherland is CEO and Co-founder of TEALEAVES, the tea purveyor of choice to five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide. TEALEAVES offers over 200 eclectic blends with leaves sourced from the world’s tier-one gardens.

Wilson Tang – CEO, Yumebau Inc.

Wilson was the former VFX Art Director at George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic. His current role is the founder and CEO of Yumebau Inc., a “Cultural Augmentation” company based in Vancouver Canada dedicated to creating the most immersive social AR/VR mobile experiences with the power to change the way people learn, play & socialize. A designer at heart, he is fluent in the language of games, technology, products, UX, cinema, polygons and code.

Ann Stone – Lecturer, University of British Columbia

Ann Stone is a full-time lecturer at the University of British Columbia who educates her students in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing. She was formerly Vice President of Coca-Cola in the Greater Atlanta Area.


SFU Goldcorp Centre
149 W Hastings
Vancouver, Canada


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