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Creative Mornings – How to Bring Your City Back to Life

June 2, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

How to Bring Your City Back to Life by Creating Interactive, Digital Stories & Performances that appear in Real-World Locations


Accommodates 800 attendees
FieldTrips are small in size. Make sure to only register if you will definitely attend.


Many of our creative cities are loosing their vibrancy and culture because creative talent is draining away, or the pandemic has decimated our ability to make a living from our storytelling and art practices.

It’s time to take matters (and pandemic recovery) into our own hands!

Let’s bring our cities back to life via new, hybrid technologies that allow you to create digital/real-world experiences that highlight the hidden gems of your city while allowing locals to play with the city, your creations, and each other (sigh, get your head out of the gutter, this is a family friendly event 😉 ).

Lead by interactive storyteller, Emily Craven, this 90min session takes all creatives – whether you’re a storyteller, filmmaker, musician, writer, visual artist, game maker, performer, or enthusiastic urbanist – through everything you need to make (and sell) interactive stories and performances that activate in locations in your city.

We’ll cover:

*Free tools and tech that allow you to create interactive stories, performances and games (and don’t require you to be tech savvy at all)

*Case studies of creators across the world who have brought their cities to life via stories (both fictional and non-fictional), music, documentaries or walking tours.

*And best practices for creating an engaging, interactive experience that can run regardless of lockdowns in a safe way.



This field trip will be divided into 4 parts:

✔️Opening Conversation: How do we hybridise our approach to our arts career so we, and our cities, can continue to thrive through future hardships? What creative practices can we turn interactive? What even is interactivity and what do you need to consider when creating an experience.

✔️ Case Studies: How have storytellers and artists across the world invited an audience to interact with their work or local places? We’ll zoom in on three categories: 1) storytelling and games, 2) music and soundscapes, and 3) visual art and performances.

✔️ Tools & Techniques: What free tools and tech exist to help with creation? What are the different ways you can make your practice interactive or invite an audience into your performance?

✔️ Brainstorming: Let’s break out into rooms and brainstorm how you can adapt the things you already create into engaging experiences that bring a city to life (and revive the arts in our cities).




This FieldTrip is interactive and includes optional Breakout Rooms. If you do not want to be in a room, no worries! You can stay in the main room.





Emily Craven is an author, speaker, CEO of Story City and karaoke queen. She has a degree in Astrophysics & a decade-long career in storytelling and publishing. Having presented across the world on interactive storytelling and transmedia, Emily has won numerous awards from innovation awards, to Young Writer and Publisher of the Year for her work with Story City. She wants to help the creatives YOU know to build careers they love, in the cities they love, by redefining stories so they are something you’re a part of, rather than something you’re told.