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Creative Mornings – Declutter your Headspace + Your Home Office

June 15, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 10:30 am


Learn the tangible and easy tools to create a significant positive impact in your work-from-home environment. In this interactive workshop we explore the “low hanging fruit” in your daily habits, where small mindset shifts can make a big difference in clearing out space for more creativity and ease in your workday.

Three key focus areas:

~ Environment: How to structure your (fixed or ever-moving) desk-space to fuel clarity, accessibility and ease.

~ Tolerances: Learn how a 5-minute mental inventory can instantly save you time and reduce frustration.

~ Healthful Rituals: Start implementing simple habit-stacks to multiply the impact of your actions without adding extra time.

As you’ve certainly experienced, it’s not possible to completely disconnect our work life from our home, social and community lives. These tools and strategies apply not only to work, but across all areas of life. Experience how a little headspace goes a long way towards boosting energy for the tasks we truly need and desire to do.

About your host

Rebecca Roberts is a storytelling mindset coach who’s background in Interior Architecture and Workplace Culture Strategy gives a unique perspective into individual and collective transformation. She specializes in exploring the internal narratives that either hinder or unleash our overall wellbeing, engagement and ease in life. Through the work of “Inner Architecture,” Rebecca works with teams and individuals to reframe their stories and declutter their minds to increase resilience, tap into greater potential and increase mental ease to actually ENJOY life more.