Meet the LEA Participants

Meet this year’s participants in the LEA Competition:


Celia Winters is multi-disciplinary designer specializing in wayfinding, experiential spaces and communication strategies based in Vancouver, but with roots to rural Alberta. A deep passion for design, nature, and a yearning to be a leader in creating sustainable communities has led Celia to pursue her Masters of Landscape Architecture. Armed with a exhibit design and communication degree, Celia transplanted to the coast 8 years ago, where she is able to have a more active pursuit in outdoor activities, personal design-build projects, and a new found love for gardening. Celia is continually exploring how design can influence and benefit the built environment for the people and systems that reside within them. 


David Stein, 3rd Year University of British Columbia Master of Landscape Architecture Candidate, is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Vancouver, BC. David graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 from Simon Fraser University where he majored in Sculpture and New Media. After graduating he exhibited in a number of group shows in Vancouver and led the design and construction of a twenty-foot wooden tree sculpture at the Burning Man Arts Festival in Black Rock City, Nevada. David has a breadth of construction experience in the fields of audiovisual installation, landscape maintenance/installation, and art fabrication. Through his projects David seeks to push boundaries addressing ecological, social, and cultural issues in innovative and inspiring ways.


Dinara Yusufzyanova is a landscape designer who received her professional degree in Russia where she originally is coming from. Her interest in sustainable development brought her to Vancouver to pursue a Master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture at UBC. Her research focus is in the area of behavioural and environmental psychology, spatial cognition and landscape aesthetics. With great passion for nature and architecture in general, she believes in the power of space-environment to shape human mind and life and therefore, is very keen on exploring unconventional tools and techniques that allow creating effective design solutions for the ultimate health and well-being of people. In her free time Dinara enjoys being outdoors and traveling, reading and doing watercolors.


Sahar has joined UBC, SALA in 2015 as Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture (MASLA) candidate. She holds her first master in Architecture from Iran, following with three years of practicing in architecture and urban design firms as a registered architect in Iran and then as an intern in Canada. Her research looks at improving water design strategies in site/building in order to achive net-zero water goal in built environment. Her interests in sustainability in practice, green networks/ buildings, energy and water efficient design strategies, motivated her to follow integrative design approach through both architecture and landscape architecture disciplines.