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Le Corbusier

Polychrome Architecturale of architectural lightning of the 20th century, Le Corbusier. As a member of an exclusive network of vendors, planlicht has opened the unique world of colors for technical and architectural indoor lighting.

“Colour is essential to man’s life.”

Le Corbusier is one of the greatest architects of the 20th century. Its work continues to have a considerable influence on architecture and design.
The colour schemes of its buildings and designs were just as important to Le Corbusier as the ground plan and the form.
Inspired by the balanced colours of nature, Le Corbusier based his “Polychromie Architecturale” on an intelligent and artistic choice of pigments.The remarkable Swiss artist developed his unique colour system in two phases: the first in 1931, using 43 subdued shades, and the second in 1959, with 20 bold and dynamic colours. His colour keyboards are based on the recurrence of a few selected basic shades, from which Le Corbusier derived other shades.
They are consistently naturally harmonious, can be impressively combined, and they still today show the outstanding results of Le Corbusier’s skill and experience as an architect, designer, artist and colour designer.

Polychromie Architecturale

Le Corbusier´s Architectural Polychromy is a masterwork. It consists of 63 fascinating colour shades which Le Corbusier created in two colours collections – in 1931 and 1959.
The collection of 1931
The first collection of 1931 comprises 43 colour shades in 14 series. The series consist of full tone colours and masterfully graded brightenings. The original coding of the colour shades constantly begins with ´32xxx´; the series are marked with the last three digits: for example, the five cerulean blue shades carry the final digits ´030 to 034´ (the ´030 series).
The collection of 1959
The second collection of 1959 completes the Architectural Polychromy with 20 further colours which are more powerful and dynamic. The colour shades of the second collection carry the designation ´4320x´ – from 4320A to 4320W.